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Exercise related to Anxiety and Depression

I have personally struggled with anxiety and depression especially for the past couple of years. I spoke to my Dr. who told me that exercise has similar affects on our anxiety and depression as medication does! I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years and had not known this. The combination of exercise and medication is double that of just medication alone. Most of us exercise to control our bodies, make up for something we ate, try to be more attractive. I can't say how many times I have has a client come to me and say we have to burn off the cake, wine or pizza they ate over the weekend. I have had these type of thoughts too. As I have felt with my anxiety over the past few years I have learned how harmful this type of thinking is. How hard on ourselves we are and how much shame and pain we cause ourselves by trying so hard to conform to an image set by our society. How we try to cram ourselves into a box - especially women are taught to be small, tight, fit the mold set by a masogynistic society - the goal being to control and distract us from what really matters. The goal so many of us have is unrealistic, unattainable and then miserable to maintain if we do somehow restrict ourselves and push ourselves hard enough to reach it. My goal - and the goal I encourage in my clients - is to feel good, healthy, strong, resilient, powerful, reduce stress/anxiety/depression, improve mental health and wellness. You will not hear me telling my clients to "eat less, do more cardio and push harder" but instead I will be saying "You are doing enough. You look great! accept yourself as you are and enjoy your life instead of beating yourself up every time you have a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream or gain a pound!". I believe in positive body image. I believe in well rounded health and wellness. How do you feel? What. do you enjoy? What do you really want? Be healthy and free! Not controlled, boxed in, approved of by our culture and miserable. I believe in pain and injury prevention, strong core and glutei to prevent back problems, upper body strength to avoid neck pain etc. I exercise to feel physically healthy and strong as well as mentally healthy, strong and at peace. I would love to encourage and guide you to do the same!

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